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Derby Adoption Centre Summer Appeal

19 July 2021

The last year has been difficult for us all and as the world starts to open up again were bracing ourselves for more tough times. Many routine veterinary treatments had to be put on hold during lockdown, this means we are about to become exceptionally busy as we continue to deal with the impact of lockdown.

We will see cats who are ill having missed vaccinations. We will see litters of tiny, kittens whose young parents haven’t been neutered. Sadly, many people are struggling for financial, physical or mental health reasons due to the pandemic - as a result we will see many cats whose owners will come to us heartbroken, because they can no longer care for their beloved cat. 

Cats Protection will always be here for the cats but now we need your help. Your summer gift could save a life:

- £10 could buy a comfy bed where a cat can recover

- £30 could provide antibiotics and painkillers for a cat after surgery

Here are the stories of a few cats we have helped over the last year:

Ginger is 11 years old and was transferred to us from a branch after needing surgery on her ears. She has lots of nasty cysts in her ears so has had an operation where they remove the ear canal and stitch up the ear and has had a dental. She is now nearly ready for her second surgery on the ear on the other side which will mean she can lead a pain free & happy life.  As you can see from the photo she is an adorable older lady. 

HalHal is 19 years old….doesn’t he look amazing?! He certainly doesn’t act his age and was sadly given up for re-homing as his owner passed away. He loves nothing more than some company and will sit with you all day. He is on a renal diet and he does have a tablet daily for his blood pressure as when he came in it was high but is now under control. He has also had a dental whilst he has been in our care.

Michael came in to us covered in fleas and needing treatment for flu. After seeing the vet and being treated for fleas and worms and given antibiotics, you can see the difference in him in just one week. So many cats come in to us with fleas, which can lead to anaemia in kittens and if left untreated can be fatal. It can also lead to skin problems from constant scratching such as sore patches and fur loss. Flu left untreated can also cause permanent damage to cats including eye issues if certain viruses are involved and can cause damage to their noses.

Blaze came in to us as a stray and is 13 years old. He had never been neutered and when blood  tested was also found to be FIV positive which meant he needed an indoor home. He had bad teeth so needed a dental, and also needed his left eye removing due to a severe cataract and a detached retina which would have been painful and causing him to be blind in that eye. He has now been adopted and is living his best life with all the home comforts he could ever want.

Will you help the cats and kittens who come through our doors by supporting our appeal?