Rewards for adopting a scaredy cat

The big day arrived, 14 January 2015 and they were due to go home. Separated for the first time since they had come in, we heard a couple of plaintive little meows from their blanketed cat carriers as they came through to reception for their journey home.

The rest of the story comes from Michelle who adopted them.

15 Jan
- Ollie (Jimmy) has already settled in and made himself at home after just a few hours of coming home with me yesterday, loves his food and has a great raspy purr. This was such a surprise as he and Ruby (Rosie) were so timid in their cat cabin.

Ruby is hiding away for now as expected, Ollie and I hope she is reassured by hearing him chatting and purring

18 Jan
- Ruby (Rosie) decided last night was the time to come and say hello and came out for lots of fusses. She is not as confident as Ollie but very very affectionate and curious. I managed to get a photo of her today. They have advanced from the cupboard under the stairs and behind the washing machine.

After lots of fusses this morning they are now burrowed under the covers in their wicker cat bed in the corner of the front room and I can hear occasional contented rustles and purrs

25 Jan -
Well 10 days in it feels like we have been together for years not days! I struggle to remember those two timid kitties as they are so different now. Out if the two, I thought Ollie would be in charge but Ruby is the boss!

Ollie is more vocal, always says hello when he sees me, likes to pose for the camera and is the first to explore. Ruby only meowed in the cat carrier on the way home and now all I hear from her is her lovely purr. She plays like a kitten and initiates kitty play fights and chases.

Both are stunning, love to play and come for rubs and strokes and lay close to me. Ruby has even burrowed under my blanket and napped between my feet a couple of times! I feel very very blessed.....

Story reproduced with the kind permission of Michelle Bennett who adopted these beautiful cats who said, "See a scaredy cat hiding in a corner of a cat cabin? Don't walk on by, you could miss the new furry love of your life. I didn't walk by and it was the best decision I have made in years. They know you know. My two scaredy cats have transformed into the most beautiful loving and affectionate kitties ever!"