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Brave Billy

16 December 2018
Brave Billy We were contacted by an elderly lady in Derby who had been feeding Billy (an unneutered ‘community’ cat) because she was concerned that for about three weeks his breathing didn’t seem normal. One of our volunteers collected him and took him straight to the vets. It turned out that this poorly lad had been involved in an RTA. He's had major surgery to repair his diaphragm as he had been shunted from the rear end and his internal organs had been pushed into his chest cavity. Things weren’t looking good for him as such a long time had passed since the accident; scar tissue etc was forming and his organs were sticking together. However, the vet has done absolute wonders with Billy as it was a miracle that he had survived a. the accident and b. the operation.

Once he is well enough, he will be homed as an indoor cat. We know he will make someone a lovely pet as, despite his injuries, he's so loving and very friendly with the biggest cheeks. 

Billy’s operation has cost the Branch almost £800 so if you can possibly help by making a donation towards his care, however small, please simply click on the link below and follow the instructions: 


All funds raised above and beyond those needed to help Billy will be used to help the other cats in the branch’s care