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Brenda's Big Break

24 July 2016

Thought you’d be interested in this sad but happy ending story.  One of our volunteers had gone on holiday leaving Brenda and the other furry animals in her household in the very capable hands of her cat sitter.

A couple of days before the end of her holiday, she got a call to say that Brenda had been missing for 5 days.  She was awol from the Friday night and didn’t reappear until the Wednesday morning on the back lawn.  As it was during the really hot weather, she was lucky to have survived all that time.  Needless to say, the cat sitter was very upset.

When the volunteer returned, Brenda had managed to get herself home but with a terrible injury to her back leg.  She was taken to the local vet where she was rehydrated and given painkillers via a drip.  It was unknown how she got her injury but a fall from a height was suspected.  The West Midlands Referral Centre in Litchfield was contacted and Brenda was taken there in an effort to save her leg from amputation. 

Thankfully, an extremely efficient orthopaedic surgeon worked his magic and the operation was a success.  She’s now recuperating at home with pins in her leg, an external fixator and a pretty pink bandage – see photo – for the time being she is being called ‘Puss in Boot’.  It will be a long haul but at least she still has her leg so our volunteer is a very relieved and happy (although very many pennies poorer) cat owner.