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02 March 2020


The lovely Nakeeta arrived into our care towards the end of November last year. She was a much loved pet in her previous home but with a history of hugely excessive water intake and urination. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, her previous owners were unable to find an answer for what was causing this and concerned about her health she was handed into our care for rehoming.

Nakeeta quickly became a firm favourite with centre staff and volunteers, & settled nicely into life with us. It did however soon become apparent how extreme her condition was, with anything up to 1 ½ litres of water being consumed daily, with obviously a high level of urination to match.

Routine blood and urine samples that always provide the first port of call and quite often an explanation, drew a blank. As did a change to a prescriptive diet. Meanwhile continuous measuring of water intake verified the extent of her condition.

After some deliberation, and research an unusual diagnosis of centralised diabetes insipidus was made by our regular vet Dr Martin Tubby. This very rare condition is caused by the cat’s brain not making the appropriate hormone for her kidneys to hold onto water. A trial of giving her an appropriate hormone supplement, quickly rectified the condition and confirmed Martin’s diagnosis as spot on. (We are grateful to and proud of our vet!). It is rare that a diagnosis, especially one as unusual as this, can be so definitively and promptly confirmed by the application of medication.

Nakeeta will need continuous treatment with the replacement hormone. The only practical way we have found of applying the hormone is via a low dose of human nasal drops into her eyes. With this being an ongoing, permanent form of maintaining her condition, and the cost implications that this involves, it was with some trepidation that we put her up for homing.

So it was with some relief that we made a match, and that Nakeeta left us for a perfect new home with a vet at the end of February. Early updates (and photographs) from her new home show Nakeeta deservedly settling into her new life. We’re so pleased!