Donated Items

There are always other ways in which you can support us which dont have to break the bank. We are able to use good quality second hand goods too for either around the Centre or to sell on in our Bric a Brac shed. Items such as:

  • Towels, pillow cases/duvet covers/sheets and small blankets.

  • Litter Trays, Food bowls, Litter Scoops
  • Cat carriers, cat litter (any type).
  • Toys, we can never have too many toys!  Mice, balls and soft toys will keep cats entertained for hours.
  • Bin bags, pens, white board markers/ white A4 printer paper, 2nd Class Stamps (normal or large size) and white address labels. These are more for the office/administration side, but they are all things that we need, so anything donated means more money for the cats.
  • Cat Food, preferrably Felix/Purina, any brand type wet or dry.
  • Carpet tiles/ corregated cardboard
  • Books/clothes/cd's/dvds/jigsaws/games/
  • good quality bric a brac
  • New gifts we can use as raffle prizes.

Have a look at our Facebook Bric a Brac page

Items we are unable to accept are Duvets, large blankets and pillows. Large electrical items and large furniture any medications. If you are unsure before you donate please always call us. We are grateful for anything you doante or think we would be able to make use of. Thank you inadvance.