Wish List

If you don't have any spare hours left in your week that's ok, we are quite happy to accept items as donations as well:

  • Towels and pets beds are welcome.

  • New cat items, e.g. Litter trays, grooming brushes and combs.
  • Cat carriers, cat litter (any type).
  • Toys, we can never have too many toys!  Mice, balls and soft toys will keep cats entertained for hours.
  • Bin bags, washable cleaning cloths, white A4 printer paper, 2nd Class Stamps (normal or large size) and white address labels. These are more for the office/administration side, but they are all things that we need, so anything donated means more money for the cats.
  • Food donations, preferably Felix or Whiskas tins or pouches for any lifestage.
  • Tokens off Felix food - we collect & redeem these for blankets and brushes etc.
  • Empty printer cartridges