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Special Help Required

16 March 2021
Special Help Required

*** Special Plea for Squeak *** 

We have a little lad with us who really is in desperate need of a permanent home. We are looking for specific requirements to allow him to enjoy a fulfilling new start to life. Squeak's new owner needs to have an understanding of nervous/timid cats and to want to give a permanent home to a cat that needs and deserves space where there is no pressure for him to be anything other than himself.
Squeak is a lad who finds life rather scary. He feels happiest hiding away where he feels safe but does seem to bond to a person after they have spent time with him. He will allow in his own time that person to stroke him with very slow strokes while gently speaking to him.
Understandably, he does not like to picked up, any loud noises such as the clattering of bowls etc and fast movements near him will cause him to retreat further into his safe hiding place.
In his time (could be 1, 3 or 6 months) and with gentle speaking , Squeak will come out for food and may even eat treats out of your hand.
We are looking for a really special person who feels that they can devote the time to this boy and who really doesn't expect anything in return other than offering Squeak a safe and calm home for him to live his life. He would need an adult only home with no other animals and enough time to allow him to flourish. Also the space to allow him to find his special hiding place until he feels ready to share himself with his new owner.
If you feel you are the one to rescue Squeak or if you know of someone that may be the perfect candidate then please contact us on:
Email - eastbourne@cats.org.uk or Telephone - 01323 440101