Eastbourne Adoption Centre Sponsorship

Eastbourne Adoption Centre have a special scheme that allows you to sponsor a pen in our main block.

Pen sponsorship can be paid at  £10 per month, £30 per quarter or £120 per year,  and if you are a UK taxpayer then by gift aiding your sponsorship this does allow Cats Protection to gain extra money given from the government at no extra cost to yourself.

This will include an automatic membership, newsletters, a calender and a seperate newsletter on Eastbourne Adoption Centre news.
If you would like to become a sponsor then you can either pay via standing order (contact us for form) or via cheque (payable to Cats Protection) and send to:

Eastbourne Adoption Centre, 
63 Marshfoot Lane, 
East Sussex.
BN27 2RB

Alternatively you can contact us on 01323 440101 or email  eastbourne@cats.org.uk for further information