Helping Chris cope

IT'S VERY upsetting for owners who have to give up their much-loved cats for health reasons. However, sometimes people are not honest and just claim to have an allergy or other problem as an excuse.
But when Jacqui was called by Chris, she knew it was a genuine case of an owner desperately needing help and trying to do the best for her pets. Chris had nine cats but had developed breathing problems.
Bobby and V were a bit scared when they came inHer doctor believed her pets were to blame and said she should give up some for her treatment to work.
So Chris kept three, her sister took two and we agreed to take the other four. Jacqui said:  I know we often have people who use this as an excuse but this poor couple were crying when they brought them in. I felt this was a genuine case and all the cats were in good health.'
Chris posted on our Facebook page: 'My cats are my babies, it's as simple as that. Thank you for your kind help. I'm in bits that they have had to go. Will miss them so much.'
The four cats were just as upset when they came into the shop but were helped to settle in by TLC from volunteers. And it didn't take long for the quartet to embark on new lives.
SophieBobby and V (pictured top left) were first to go after a couple came into the shop. Jacqui told Chris: 'They only called in to ask how they go about looking for a cat, I showed them your cats. This couple had two cats from us 18 or 20 years ago - one died about 18 months ago and the second has gone recently.
So Bobby and V have gone to live with a lovely couple, you would have liked them. I'm sure they will be very much loved.'
Chris was following their progress on Facebook and our online friends had also given her lots of moral support. Facebook has been a major plus for the branch as it allows supporters to help each other and for us to communicate quickly and easily with people.
So Chris was able to respond to the news, saying: 'I'm so pleased. Good luck Bobby and V, will miss you loads xxxx.' She told Jacqui: 'You have made me feel better that Bobby and V have gone together.'
That left beautiful sisters Sophie (pictured above left) and Mitzie (pictured below right) who also did not have to wait Mitzielong. Jacqui said: 'I had a call from a couple who live in Basildon. They had seen them advertised on the website and wanted to come to see them.
'They drove over straight away and instantly decided they were the cats for them. They had a cat from us a couple of years ago so didn't need another home visit. When they realised they were able to arrange to take the cats that day, they became quite emotional (especially the husband).'
Facebook is also great for new owners to let us know how their pets are getting on. We love getting lots of photos of 'our' cats happy in new homes.
And we hope that the couples who adopted Bobby, V, Mitzie and Sophie will do the same so Chris can be reassured her beloved former pets are settled.
Giving them up was very hard but she said: 'I love my animals and want the best for them.'