Luxury for Lovey


AFTER being kept for years as a mouser in a shop, sweet girl Lovey had the chance of a much more happy and comfortable home when she came into our shelter in Lee, south-east London. The 11-year-old had spent most of her life in the back of the premises with not even a blanket to sleep on or keep her cosy - she simply had to make do with the bare floorboards. Our helper Sylvie found out about her plight and persuaded the shopowner to let us find Lovey a proper home as a pet rather than a working cat. Her story attracted lots of comments on Facebook from supporters happy that she had finally found a caring home with Alec in Eltham enjoying all creature comforts. Katie said: 'Ohhhh lovely! She's retired and now spoilt! I feel sad she's not known anything else - my cat is a mouser but has at least ten beds and laps! Diane L posted: 'So pleased after all this time that she has found a lovely home with all the comforts she has missed over the years xxxxx. Carole added: Bless her, warm and cosy now so pleased for her but sad for all the time she spent cold and uncomfortable xxx.’