Bindi's bright beginning

MOST owners would be overjoyed if their cat was found four years after going went missing. But that didn't happen for Bindi, a seven-year-old white girl (pictured). After she was found in Elmstead Woods, thin, grubby, wet and hungry, a micro-chip revealed she came from Penge. Committee member Jan Marquis called the number but it was out of action and then wrote several times to the Bindi showing her different coloured eyesaddress listed.
Two weeks later, the owner called and told us she assumed Bindi had been stolen all that time ago. But, sadly, she did not want her back, even though she still had Bindi's black sister. The owner said she did not want to deal with a new cat at her advancing age.
So Bindi, who has one blue eye and one yellow, was put up for homing at our cattery. We soon realised that she was deaf and needed an indoor or secure home. Once on our website, Bindi attracted a lot of interest because of her unusual colour. Now, she has gone to a lovely new home with Katie and her fiancee in their flat.
They think Bindi is marvellous and have fallen in love with her playful ways. They have also been very taken with the odd noises she makes because she cannot hear. So, despite being rejected by her original owner, Bindi found the loving home she deserved.