Hi-tech sister act

WHEN Gemma saw a black kitten on our branch Facebook page, it looked familiar. Then she realised it was one of the two sisters she had just homed! Maddie and Whiskers (pictured left), named by us as she had just one white whisker among all her black ones, were settling in with Gemma, Debs and Mikey when their story was posted.
'I just said to MaureenWhiskers in our pen at work "Oh look at this cat, she looks like mine" until I realised she is lol :oD !!!!!!' wrote Gemma on the page.
Five-month-old Maddie (pictured below) and her sister, now called Charlie and Faith, came from a chaotic and noisy home with three dogs and five other cats as well as several children. The owners had let one of the cats have kittens and couldn't cope so they came to our fosterer Anne. One kitten had already been given away, leaving Charlie and Faith.
After a short spell, they were off to their new home with feline companions, Millie and Molly, also sisters, as well as Debs and Mikey, who live with Gemma.
She posted: 'They were very timid to start with and tended to run away if you go close. It's taken a few days and they are now starting to settle in with our other two, running around and playing. They were purring loudly and biting my feet in bed this morning. :oD xxx.'MaddieD now renamedD in her bed in our pen
Our volunteer Louise replied via Facebook: 'These are two beautiful girls that I picked up for Anne.... very sweet indeed. The house before had lots of very loud children and mad dogs as well...so your house must be a blessing. The sisters were very close, I am so glad they went together. Enjoy them.'
After a few weeks with the girls, Gemma posted another update: 'They are doing great, have settled in quite nicely. They squabble a bit with my older ones and each other but not too much. They are all going out into the big wide world. They are still a bit timid and only come to us when they want attention. I am trying to pick them up and show them love to stop it but, hey ho, they are doing great.'
This story shows how Facebook is a great way for supporters to get in touch, especially to let us know how our cats and kittens are getting on in their new homes.
So, in Facebook-speak it's :) :-) :D :) ....or smiles all round!