Minnie: From minx to moocher

MINNIE was a bit of a minx when she arrived at our fosterer Anne's, wanting to be friends but lashing out with her claws. This was down to her treatment at her former owner's house where she was tormented by students. She didn't know if a hand coming towards her was friend or foe and so was very defensive.
The pretty torty and white, aged one, was on our website and caught the eye of one of our cattery helpers Anne-Marie. She decided the rewards of turning Minnie back into a loving cat would be worth the effort. And the transformation has been wonderful to see: in just a couple of weeks, she has changed into Minnie the Moocher.
Anne-Marie told us: 'Minnie is doing well. She lets us feed her from our hands and stroke her on the head. She is very fond of my daughter Kaya, 12. Minnie really wanted a cuddle, being still just a baby. She would run up to us and rub around our legs.
'The automatic thing to do is reach down and stroke her but she would hiss and spit but then come back to rub around our legs again. It was so very sad to have her rubbing round us wanting a cuddle but growling at the same time. The poor little thing was full of contradictions, she didn't know if she was coming or going.
'We decided she could come and cuddle us but that every time she did, we should just freeze perfectly still until she had finished so that she knew she was in control. This we did and before long, she got bored with cuddling statues and tentatively started prodding us for more.
'I'm not sure I can take the credit for the majority of the bonding though. It's my cat whisperer daughter who has sat with Minnie for hours playing with all the toys and letting her be carefree in a predictable environment for once in her
little life.
'Minnie carefully crept on the bed on the second night and now sleeps there as routine, which is just lovely. She is incredibly tactile and we have been surprised to find that she likes being carried around. Minnie hangs backwards over my shoulder entirely relaxed like a ragdoll and she likes having a look out of the window like that.'
Once Minnie has had all her jabs, she will be able to mix with Anne-Marie's other cats Pan and Lily, as well as Jemima (who was also adopted from our branch).
The change in Minnie was down to Anne-Marie and Kaya giving her time, patience and, above all, lots of love.
It just shows that a cat who has become hostile because of mistreatment can become a loving pet again.

Pictured is Minnie in her foster pen (first photo) and happy in her new home