Hope for Heather

SOME cats sell themselves to potential owners and are quickly off to new homes.
But others need someone ready to give them time and patience after suffering bad experiences.
Heather and her son Smiley, aged seven months, were just such cats after being kept in a filthy flat and not handled.
He made lots of progress with us, learning to play and enjoy human company. But his 18-month-old mum remained painfully shy, even after many weeks and loads of TLC from helpers at our shelter.
It seemed she would never find an owner. Then Liz called, offering to adopt a 'hard-to-home' cat.
Heather was the obvious choice and was soon on her way to her new family. Liz told us: 'Thought you might like to hear how our new cat, now called Poppy, is getting on.
'When she first arrived, she was very nervous, hiding behind the sofa and cowering away when we tried to stroke her. However, within a week she was gaining confidence and getting on well with our cat Clyde.
'Now she's chasing Clyde round the house and happily enjoys being stroked and fussed over. She's absolutely gorgeous and we're so glad she's joined our family.'
Meanwhile, Smiley, now called Magic, has gone to a new home at Brands Hatch Place Stables, with another shy cat, tabby boy Jamie. After settling in, he has started going out and is getting used to the local wildlife.
His new owners told us: 'At the first sign of a little Shetland pony coming towards him, he shot straight back into the kitchen. He loves to just sit on the windowsill and sniff the air.'
All these cats needed was for someone to give them a chance. And a huge thank you to Liz and the stables for doing just that, and giving Smiley, Poppy and Jamie wonderful new lives.

Pictured: Heather at our cattery (left),with Smiley (right), who is also shown playing (bottom left)

Heather at our catteryHeather (right) with her son Smiley

Smiley playing while at our cattery