Magic for Maverick

HE loved to play and explore like any other kitten but this one was a special little boy. When only a few weeks old, he suffered a serious eye infection. Despite receiving prompt treatment, he sadly lost the sight in one eye. But that didn't stop him running around having fun and then cuddling up with his siblings in Jess's litter.
However, we feared his condition would make it very difficult to find him a home. That's when Mark and Emma stepped in after spotting him on our website. They were looking for a companion for Elkie, their 11-year-old black female, who was also a rescue cat. They lived in a flat, which was perfect for our little chap, and thought a kitten would suit Elkie as she could mother him.
The kitten charmed Mark and Emma when they visited our fosterer Anne and soon moved in with his new family. Now called Maverick, he has settled in very nicely. Emma told us: 'He is being spoilt rotten! Maverick is bonding well with Elkie and they have started to play together. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to give a loving home to a little boy who has so much love to give.'
Pictured is Maverick (top middle) with his litter-mates and then (bottom) with Elkie and in his new home

MaverickD back leftD with litter-matesMaverick in foster careWith his companion Elkie in new home