Pearl, the super-mum

BEAUTIFUL all-white girl Pearl came in after her owners mistreated her, beating her with a stick.
But, despite all this, she kept her sweet and affectionate nature, especially where kittens were involved. Pearl had one white little one, a replica of herself (pictured), and two tabbies.
Pearl and her all-white copycat kittenBut she was happy to be an adoptive mum when our fosterer Anne took in a three-week-old kitten. It had been given as a present to a woman, despite being far too young to be away from its mother. Then three other little ones needed help. A woman told Anne a convoluted story about their mother dying so they came into our care as well.
Pearl's maternal instinct kicked in again as she added them to her brood. Her family was now up to seven kittens, and they all cuddled up together in one big happy bundle of fur (see photos below). After a few weeks, all the kittens were homed and so Pearl's work as a super-mum was finally over.
Sadly, her previous cruel treatment injured her back and affected her walking. But she has a happy ending as she went back to Tony, the kind man who had been caring for her.
Pearl was christened thanks to our Facebook supporters, who came up with more than 20 suggestions when we asked for ideas.
And she certainly lived up to her name as she is a very special girl.

Pearl with some of the kittens
Pearl's brood cuddle up