Albie a prince again

IT was hard to tell which end was which when this poor Persian boy came in as his fur was horribly matted and long. The photo below shows his condition, with his nose and mouth just visible on the left.

He was being fed aftPoor Albie with his matted and long furer becoming a stray but his coat was in an awful state. The vet had only one option when we took in Prince Albie, as he was named.
He had to have a drastic shave to get rid of all that mess and start from scratch (see photo below left).
His story touched the hearts of our Facebook supporters and several bought him blankets and goodies from our wish list. One kind lady Helen even sent him a special little coat to keep him warm while his fur grew back (see photo below). Then, after a short time in foster care, Sophie offered him a new home. She has experience looking after Persians so was perfect to give Prince Albie the care he needs to keep trim and Albie after his shavehealthy.

Prince Albie in his special coat