One four all

LILY and her mum Fergie both came to us pregnant and had already had more than one litter each. They had 14 gorgeous kittens between them and were great mums. Once their little ones had been homed, it was time to concentrate on them. Lily, a black-and-white one-year-old, and ginger girl Fergie, three, were spayed to stop any more litters. Then they just wanted someone to give them some much-needed pampering.
Meanwhile, our fosterer Anne had also taken in three black-and-white brothers Edward, Harry and Moses, cheeky chaps who loved a good play.
Edward was homed almost straight away, leaving his two siblings. They were aged about four months and were overlooked as new owners went for adults or cute kittens.
But their time was to come, along with Lily and Fergie, when Anne received a call from a lady in Sidcup. She came to visit and was taken with all four cats!
Within hours, they were settling in with their new owner and her husband in a lovely big house with large garden. The quartet will have plenty of space and love - which is what they all deserve.

Pictured are (left) most of the 14 kittens from Fergie and Lily's litters and (right) Fergie with some of her little ones.
Most of the kittens from Fergie and Lily's broods cuddle upFergie and some of her little ones