The tabby 'twins'

TABBY girls Winnie and Annie could be twins as they look so alike, are the same age and are very close. But they arrived at our fosterer Anne's separately. Annie came in pregnant and stayed on after her kittens were homed. Winnie became a stray when her family didn't want her anymore.
Both were very friendly and were allowed to roam free in the garden, where they loved human company as well as each other's. But the months passed as the three-year-olds were overlooked when other cats in Anne's four pens took the eye of potential owners.
Two or three times, someone would like the look of one of them on our branch website but would then choose another feline. Eventually, a lady and her husband decided to adopt Winnie. Anne suggested they also took her companion as the tabby girls got on so well. Luckily, they agreed to give it a go and so Winnie and Annie were soon both on their way to a new home in Welling. And they have settled in very well - it took a while but all ended happily for the tabby 'twins'.

Pictured in this gallery are Annie, Winnie and (spot the difference) the two tabby girls together