Saving Molly from the mud

YOUNG stray Molly was living outside in a muddy garden when she had her four kittens. The owner John was feeding her but his resident cats wouldn't allow her in so the family was stuck outside in the cold and wet of autumn.
Little Ollie has a bathHe contacted committee member Jan, who went to rescue the mum and five-week-old little ones.
After living outside at the house in Lewisham, the little ones were so grubby that they needed a wash in a bowl of warm water (see left and below right).
They weren't very keen on being wet but after being dried off with a towel, they looked and felt a lot better (see below left).
After that, the kittens settled in nicely in with one of our helpers, who turned over her spare room to the family.
Molly, a tabby-and-white girl, had done a great job as her three sons and one daughter were a healthy weight and starting to get active on their wobbly little legs.
Jan's photos of them being cleaned up attracted a lot of attention on our Facebook page and offers of homes came in for Ollie, a black-and-white ball of mischief, and his tortie sister.
So those two went off to lovely new homes when aged nine weeks and then soon after Lorraine got in touch about the two remaining tabbies (see below centre).
She came to see them and the boys were soon off to live with Lorraine and her nine-year-old daughter.
The litter being dried off after their washThat left Molly, a sweet and affectionate girl aged about 18 months who really deserved a loving home after all her hard work.
She went to our cattery in Lee and was on her way to a new home with a lady in Welling after just ten days to make it a happy ending for all the family.All cleaned up - the kittens cuddle up for a snoozeMolly's two tabby boys