Persians in peril

THREE Persians needed help when their young owner Lee was sadly found dead by police at his home in Plumstead. He had been a fosterer for the Greenwich branch when he had adopted the pedigrees Simnel and Sir Garfield (pictured below after coming into us) and Willow.
The police had asked other animal charities for help with no joy, with one even telling them the cats were 'not in need'.
Sir Garfield (left) with Simnel soon after coming inSo they were very relieved when they called Jacqui and she offered to take the cats into our care straight away.
Lee had been dealing with serious personal problems. Sadly his elderly pets had been neglected and were in a poor condition with badly matted fur and needing dental treatment.
Simnel and Sir Garfield, 13-year-old males, went to the cattery where they were given lots of TLC and care by helpers and our vet Beresford.
Meanwhile, Lee's former partner Mark found out what had Simnel looks like Puss in Boots after being shavedhappened to the cats and offered to home 11-year-old Willow. She was very timid and only had one eye so he feared no-one else would adopt her.
Mark also kindly donated £100 to care for the other Persians and later sent Jan some photos of Willow, who has settled in with his other cats at his home in Wolverhampton.
Simnel, who is all black, and Sir Garfield, beige and cream, were popular at the cattery as they were such sweet and friendly boys despite everything which had happened to them.
Their fur was so matted that we had to send them a grooming parlour to be shaved. Simnel resembled Puss in Boots afterwards, as the picture left shows.
But they were well on the road to recovery and ready for a fresh start by the time it started growing back. The picture below shows them both looking a lot better with Sir Garfield in typical pose, resting his head on his paws while sleeping.
Jan was due to drive them to a new home in Cambridge and then one of vet's clients also offered to adopt them.
                                                          But it all fell into place when Lee's mother Linda contacted Jan via Mark. She had The two Persians looking a lot better as their fur grows backno idea her son had had the cats and was a Persian owner herself.
So, out of respect for Lee, she wished to take them on. Linda, described by Jan as 'a lovely lady', travelled from Basildon, Essex, to collect the boys. We are sure she will give them a good home in memory of her son and his sad passing.