The KFC kittens

VOLUNTEERS stepped in when concerned customers reported seeing kittens in the car park of the KFC fast food outlet in Erith. The two little ones - a tabby boy and fluffy black-and-grey girl - were rescued and taken to our cattery in Lee.
It was heartbreaking that Ken and Barbie, as we named them, had been left to struggle to survive on scraps from customers. Although their poor start in life left them wary of humans, they responded well to our TLC.
Little Barbie in the catteryThe kittens, who were probably from separate litters and aged between ten and 14 weeks, were also lovely looking.
Within a day of the pair going on our website, Andrea called and came to meet them the next day with her son Jake. They loved the little ones so Ken and Barbie were soon on their way to a new home in Sidcup with the family.
Soon after, Andrea updated us on the kittens, who were renamed Geoff and Kitty, saying: 'As you can see from the photos they are quite chilled out! They can still be wary when approached but are so much more relaxed and enjoy cuddles. Geoff is also growing very fast!
'They enjoy playing together, and with us, and often have their mad half
Ken - now called Geoff - in his new home hour! Jake's toy cars are a particular favourite! It's so rewarding to see them building in confidence each day and we're so pleased we were able to offer them a home.' The family also became members of our branch so we couldn't have wished for a better ending to this story.
Pictured: Kitty (formerly Barbie) in the cattery (above). Geoff (formerly Ken) napping and cuddling up with Kitty in their new home (right) and Kitty enjoying a gentle stroke from Jake (below).
Kitty enjoying a gentle stroke from Jake in her new home

The kittens cuddle up in new home