The Yin and Yang girls

Dolly (left) and Champagne at our fosterer'sTHESE two young cats were little darlings who came into us separately but became great pals after being fostered together. Champagne (white) was traumatised after being badly treated by a child but at least the parents had the sense to give her up to us for a better life.
Meanwhile, Dolly (black) was an unwanted present and was being kept on a balcony. She came into the cattery where she delighted helpers as she was such a playful and friendly girl.
Dolly then went to our fosterer Pam as it was better for her as a kitten on her own and met Champagne there. They helped each other recover from their poor starts in life while enjoying their favourite hobbies of chasing toys, catching flies and purring!
The girls, then aged 12 to 14 weeks, became inseparable like yin and yang, and so had to stay together for homing.
After a spell with Pam, they found their guardian angel - a lady in Lee with a nice house and garden who will give them all the love and care they need.