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Purrfect landlords

18 November 2018

MANY cats come into care when their owners move into accommodation where pets are not allowed.
Cats Protection has launched a 'Purrfect Landlords' campaign to try to avoid this happening by helping both landlords and tenants.
The chatity has set up a website at www.cats.org.uk/purrfectlandlords which includes free, downloadable legal wording for landlords and letting agents to add to their own tenancy agreements. This sets out simple conditions on cat ownership to protect and benefit both landlords and tenants.
A Purrfect Landlords Guide will also be downloadable from the site, which is designed to help landlords offer more to their tenants. The guide also includes facts about cat ownership and the benefits to landlords, their tenants and, of course, cats.
We hope this helps to keep more cats with their owners while answering any concerns landlords may have to make things better for everyone....
There are also websites which offer useful advice and links to letting agencies which allow pets: