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Does your cat need neutering ?

26 June 2020

Cats Protection’s Neuter for a Fiver Scheme Covid-19 2020

Do you own a cat who needs neutering?

This can be done during the current pandemic as most vets are still neutering owned cats, especially females at risk of getting pregnant, and males that are exhibiting unacceptable behaviour.

Cats become sexually active from about the age of four months. A female cat left to breed may be responsible for up to five thousand kittens in five years.

Are you currently struggling financially?

Cats Protection has established a Neuter for a Fiver campaign, available for people on benefits or a low income.

NEW =  for further information about this offer, and a voucher which enables you to have your cat neutered for £5.00 :- contact Jenny by emailing - neutering@ely.cats.org.uk