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Success Story - Amena

10 March 2019
Success Story - Amena
Amena was handed in by her original owner as she was being traumatised by the dogs in the household and was so stressed she woud not use the litter tray. When she came into us she was a sad, timid little cat but thanks to finding the right home, she has now blossomed into a perfect pet cat. Her new owners were very calm and patient and they now have a happy cat. 

Her new owners said:-

"Amena has now settled in very well with us and she is very happy with her new life, after her bad experience in the first years of her life which left her traumatised. Her character is coming out now, she is very quiet with only a tiny squeak for a meow. She is a very talented and tactile cat who jumps up and takes treats from my fingers and pushes it into her mouth. She plays catch and football with her dreamies before eating them. She has moments of madness out of nowhere, skiddling around the house on the mats.

We love her to bits and we know she loves us".

Maureen and Ken