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World Spay Day 2019

23 February 2019
 World Spay Day - 26th February 2019

 Cats Protection’s Neuter for a Fiver Scheme  
In 1995 Doris Day, created an Animal League in the United States of America and went on to set up a World Spay Day. At the time more than 14 million cats and dogs were put to sleep every year in the United States alone. Spaying (neutering) cats is an effective way of reducing the feline population instead.
Cats Protection as the leading UK feline charity, is supporting the World Spay Day 2019 in the UK, with neutering being one of its main aims.
Cats become sexually active from about the age of six months. A female cat, left to breed without restraint, may be responsible for up to five thousand kittens in five years. The most effective way to prevent this (and finding yourself as a cat owner lumbered with an unwanted litter), is to have your cat neutered. This is best done when the cat is about four months old.
Male cats, if not neutered, may roam far and wide, and are also given to antisocial spraying in the home. Neutering can also help prevent a range of diseases and infections in both male and female cats.
But it costs money to get your cat neutered so Cats Protection has therefore established a Neuter for a Fiver campaign, available for people on a low income.
For further information about this offer, contact the Ely & District Branch of Cats Protection by telephoning 01353 699430.