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07 October 2014

As the sky clouded over, the rain poured down and it became very apparent that summer was indeed over, a veritable ray of sunshine arrived in Banstead to come and help us launch our new shop; The actor Tyger Drew-Honey (Of “Outnumbered” & “Cuckoo” fame) came all the way from Swansea on an early morning train to support us, pose with our giant cat (AKA Sacha!), take ‘selfies’ with customers, pack bags and generally be a real asset to the shop.
A number of people had come to the shop specifically to meet Tyger – and had found lovely things to buy whilst they waited! We cannot thank Tyger enough for being so generous and for spending an hour with us on our shops’ first Saturday; he was an absolute joy.

Nothing was too much trouble for him, his energy and good humour was infectious, he met all the volunteers, was shown around the shop and gave us an exclusive interview, telling us how he got his first acting break, all about his favourite roles so far, his new film project, what an animal lover he is, the pets he grew up with and why he supports Cats Protection and the work we do.

When the numbers were added up at the end of the day the takings were well over £600!



We would also like to say a huge “Thank You” to Linzi Drew (Tyger’s mum, for driving him to us), Simon and Toby Green for all the photos and for standing in the rain persuading customers into the shop along with Sacha and Jenny (the cat) and Caroline for helping collect £89.20 in their collection buckets