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In Praise of Older Cats

07 June 2012
In Praise of Older Cats

A little while ago, I spoke to someone who wanted to adopt a kitten – she wanted a kitten because she wanted to forge a bond and didn’t think that this would happen with an adult/older cat. This reminded me of my cat Tiggy – she was a very special cat who died aged 18; I adopted her when she was aged eleven and I had her for seven amazing years. I had actually wanted two kittens, but got two elderly cats that came as a package with a new partner (I couldn’t really say no).
When I first met Tiggy, she obviously hadn’t been brushed regularly (shame on you Mark!) – And she shed her hair all over me – I was not impressed. However, for Tiggy, it was love at first sight – she knew that I was the owner she had been waiting for.
When she moved in, I registered her with the vet and found that she had fleas, tapeworm and arthritis – not a good start. (I have to note, that if you adopt a CP cat, the cat will have been vet-checked, treated for fleas, worms, neutered if applicable and micro-chipped).

Over the years, I cared for her, and she adored me; how can anyone resist being adored?  She was not the cat I originally thought I wanted – but she turned out to be the right cat for me – and I, the right human for her.
She knew when I was coming home and she cuddled up to me; she used to wake me in the early hours of the morning if she wanted a chat – by walking over my chest or gently patting my face.

I can’t imagine having a stronger bond or love for a cat – even if I had known her from kitten-hood. For me, Tiggy will always be a special cat.

With an older cat, you know what their personality and temperament will be – you don’t have that knowledge with a kitten. Older cats waiting to be re-homed have often had a difficult time or suffered a loss – and as such, will be so grateful for a new home – they will repay your kindness with such love.

So coming back to the start of this article, you can forge a bond with any cat, no matter what age, as long as it is the right cat. The fosterers (and cats) have a great ability to find the right home for the right cat. So please do keep an open mind when looking to adopt a cat.