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Keeping Cats Safe All Year Round

15 January 2017

Following press reports of suspicious cat deaths in the Croydon and surrounding areas, we urge cat owners to take the following sensible steps to help keep their pets safe:

  • Keep cats in during hours of darkness: As evenings are still dark, remember that cats are at increased risk of road accidents after nightfall. Try to keep your cat indoors overnight and time meals to coincide with rush hour to help keep your cat away from busy roads.

  • Ensure cats are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped: Ensure your cat is neutered for a host of benefits, including preventing unwanted kittens being born. Neutered cats are less likely to roam, lowering the risk of car accidents, and less likely to fight and contract serious diseases spread by saliva. Microchipping offers and safe and permanent method of identification, while ensuring your cat is vaccinated will protect against parasites and diseases.

  • Encourage cats to stay close to home: If a cat is content within his own environment, he is more likely to stay within his own home and garden. Plant cat-friendly plants such as catnip and lavender, provide logs for scratching and long grass to laze in or nibble to help cough up hairballs. Be aware of poisonous substances in your shed and garage, such as antifreeze, disinfectants, insect and pest killers and keep them well out of your cat’s reach. Avoid plants which can be dangerous to cats. Lilies in particular can be lethal if a cat ingests pollen from its fur after brushing against them. A full list of plants that are dangerous to cats can be found on the International Cat Care’s website www.icatcare.org

  • Remain vigilant to possible acts of cruelty: If an act of cruelty against a cat is witnessed, inform the police and the RSPCA as soon as possible and, if possible, try to get veterinary assistance for the animal quickly.