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28 November 2012

Tommy is a handsome boy who had been a stray for some time, before being trapped and brought into care. He was traumatised and hence very feisty; it has taken him five months to be ready for homing. Tommy loves being stroked, brushed and playing with his toys; he became more and more affectionate by the day.

Tommy’s message whilst in CP Care

I’m still here! Tommy, hostage at Cats Protection Headley hide-out!

Apparently I’m waiting for re-homing, but I’m not falling for that old pork-pie! I’ve been retained long enough to see that none of us cats ever leave!

What’s more, following my last dramatic and petrifying visit to the Vet Club, the Robed One now comes here to torture me with her medicinal spike which, incidentally, she jabs into my rear while my back’s turned!

However, I do love my nosh and I must say that I’m fed well.  Yvonne always brings a fresh bowl of food to replace the empty one, and that way I know I can let her hands into my cabin without scratching them - otherwise I can’t be sure they won’t try to pounce on me, and shove me into a basket! Still, they’re adept at giving quality strokes and amazing scratches around the neck!

I’m told that once I can behave gently – none of my vicious claws – I will be ready for a home with laps, food, cuddles, food and plenty of fusses (and food!). Maybe there’s something added to my water – but can I feel a mellow-moment of domesticated bliss coming on?

A happy ending

Tommy has found a home. A lovely couple came to view Tommy and fell in love with him. They are experienced cat owners and can give him all the time he needs to settle in and feel loved. His new home is a huge Victorian house in Esher with a huge garden.

Tommy hated going into a basket, and hated the journey but he jumped out of the basket as soon he arrived and took a look around.  After the initial shock of having so much space after being in  CP care, he started to explore. He ran back to his fosterer every so often to rub round her legs and nuzzle her hands for reassurance.  But soon he was giving his new owners the same treatment. The fosterer left him exploring his new home, confident that he is happy and will be well looked after. His new owners are ecstatic - and so are we!