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15 September 2015

Please can you help us to raise money for the needy cats in our area?

All you have to do is to call into your local Waitrose and complete a nomination form for their “Community Matters” project. This is where each Waitrose store selects 3 charities per month for customers to choose to support with the green plastic tokens issued at the checkouts. At the end of the month the store counts up the tokens for each of the charities and shares £1,000 between them depending on the number of tokens each has received. Whenever a store selects Cats Protection we receive at least £200 so it is well worth participating.

The nomination forms are usually kept with the boxes for tokens but if not, just ask at customer services.

You will need to fill in the following:

Name of the good cause: Cats Protection Epsom, Ewell and District Branch

What does it do?   The Epsom, Ewell and District Branch of the Cats Protection charity finds loving homes for cats in need and in turn, the cats give back love and companionship to their new owners. Cats can come into care as strays, some have been abandoned, and others because their owners are no longer able to care for them for a number of different reasons.

The charity ensures that cats in care are checked by a vet, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Cats are cared for by volunteer fosterers until the right home can be found for them. A healthy cat is never put to sleep.

The charity also promotes neutering to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and can help with the cost of neutering for owners on low incomes.

It also offers information and advice on issues relating to cat health and behaviour, providing leaflets and talks to local groups on cat welfare.

The charity is totally self-funded and relies on donations and fundraising events. The branch covers postcodes KT17,18,19,20,21,22,23 and KT5,6,9 as well as RH3,4 5 and is entirely run by volunteers who give their own time and resources to help needy cats.