Why gifts in wills matter

At Cats Protection, we have been helping injured, starving and abandoned cats and kittens since 1927. Thanks to our promise never to put a healthy cat to sleep, we have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of cats, giving them a second chance at life.

By remembering Cats Protection in your will you could help us make a better life for even more cats for years to come. More than half of the cats we help are cared for thanks to the kindness of people who remember us in this way.

Ginger kittensTackling the challenge of finding cats loving homes

At Cats Protection we believe that there is a special someone out there for every cat. That’s why we do our best to find loving new homes for all the cats in our care, no matter how long it takes, and are proud to say that we never put a healthy cat to sleep.

By remembering Cats Protection in your will you can help us continue to provide this commitment well into the future and ensure that we are always there to find as many cats and kittens as possible the right home we know they deserve.

Working locally all over the UK

Tortie and black and white catWe are lucky to have over 8,000 volunteers tirelessly devoting their time and efforts to caring for unwanted and abandoned cats in their local communities.

With a network of branches, adoption centres and shops throughout the UK, Cats Protection is constantly tackling the problems faced by cats every single day, in every area of the country.

A gift in your will could make a real difference to cats in your local area and help provide the necessary resources for our volunteers to carry on their vital work. These special gifts have helped fund everything from starting the centres themselves, to improving crucial equipment such as cat pens and vans and providing essential resources such as food and veterinary attention.

Educating future generations

A mix of kittensCats Protection passionately believes that educating the public about feline welfare and the importance of neutering is an essential part of our work.

By educating people today, we hope to avoid some of the terrible circumstances that some cats and kittens currently have to endure and work towards achieving our vision of a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

We are able to offer a whole range of advice from our leaflets, publications and websites to our Helpline service, which receives thousands of calls and emails every year. A gift in your will could help us improve these services and ensure the cat owners of tomorrow are educated in the understanding of cats and the care of their pets.

Grey tabbyFacing tomorrow’s problems today

To reduce the numbers of unwanted cats and kittens we currently see every year, Cats Protection champions neutering as the single most effective way to address this heart-breaking problem.

A gift in your will could help us run local and national neutering campaigns that work to dispel myths, spread the neutering message and make it easier for owners on low incomes to get their cat neutered. This will help prevent future generations of cats and kittens suffering the same plight of being left unwanted and abandoned.

Tabby kittenEvery gift gives our cats the chance of a happy ending

We are incredibly grateful for every gift we receive, no matter what the size. Even the smallest gifts help us to provide cats with food, a warm bed, veterinary attention and most importantly of all, find them a loving home.

With more than half the cats and kittens we help being cared for thanks to gifts in wills, we can only continue our vital work if kind people like you support us in the special way.

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