Key cat care

Tabby being brushedSome elements of cat care are so important that we feel they deserve a section of their own.

These particular topics are highlighted because they are of real benefit to your cat, and are either central to Cats Protection's mission or new initiatives from the charity.

The Diabetic Cat Register (DCR) is one such initiative, offering a support and information exchange network for owners with newly diagnosed diabetic cats.

Diabetic Cat Register

When a cat is first diagnosed as diabetic, coping with the daily management of the condition can be a daunting prospect for an owner.

Our Diabetic Cat Register (DCR) is a helpful resource for people whose cats have been diagnosed with diabetes.


There are thousands of unwanted felines in the UK. Cats Protection champions neutering and the benefits it brings.

Find about why you should get your cat neutered and how it can help your cat live a happy and healthy life.


Routine vaccination has greatly reduced the extent of several feline diseases (including some that can prove fatal).

It is vital that your cat has all the necessary vaccinations and boosters.


Microchipping offers cats a safe and permanent method of identification and increases the chances of a lost feline being safely reunited with its owner.