Cats Protection Erne branch are dedicated to helping feral cats just as much as domestic cats, and believe that they are no less deserving of love just because we can't pet them.
Trap, neuter, return (TNR) involves trapping feral cats in humane traps in order to transport them to the vets to get neutered. While at the vets these cats also get a full check up, flea and worm treatments, a vaccine and any other minor treatments they may need. Feral cats are the same species as our domestic cats, however they have grown up without any positive socialisation with humans, meaning they are very fearful of us. The kitten socialisation period is from 2-8 weeks of age and this is when they learn about what should and should not be feared. Once a kitten has reached 8 weeks they are so fearful of people, that the kindest thing to do for these cats is neuter them and return them to their territory.  

The pandemic restrictions have meant that we couldn't get out as much as we would have loved to, to continue TNR for many months. We are now happy to announce that our TNR activities have now resumed, and we also have some new members to our team! We appreciate your patience while we work through our jobs that we started a few months ago, and while we train up our new members.

If you would like our assistance with feral cats, please contact us at and we will get in touch with you. Please be mindful that we have only a small team of volunteers and a very large area to cover, so there may be a short wait before we can get out to you. We cover the following areas: BT74, BT92, BT93, BT94.

We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your support!

Erne branch xx