What we do

Welcome to the Esher Branch! We cover the following postcode areas: KT7, KT8, KT10, KT11, KT24 and GU23. Our aim is to make sure that every cat is treated with understanding and kindness in Esher and the surrounding areas. 

Cats Protection nationally helps cats with:
- Homing
- Neutering
- Information

As Cats Protection Esher is a new branch we can help with Neutering and Information. We currently work as an information service to improve people’s understanding of cats and their needs along with providing support and encouragement to neuter all cats. We currently do not have any homing facilities at present but hope to be able to provide these in future as the branch grows.

If you need help with fostering or re-homing a cat please contact:    
  • Cats Protection Homing Centre Mitcham 0300 012 0285
  • RSPCA 0300 123 4999
  • Battersea Cats Home 0800 001 4444
  • Blue Cross for Pets 0300 777 1800
If you have any further queries or if you have a few hours to spare and want to find out more about volunteering with Cats Protection Esher, please contact us at info@esher.cats.org.uk