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Can you us to help Disney?

20 March 2018
Can you us to help Disney?

We have been so pleased with the generosity shown to get us towards our target but we are still not quite there yet. Thank you very to everyone who has donated.so far.

We are trying to raise funds to cover a vet bill to treat Disney, a cat currently in our care. You can read his story on our Just Giving page below. We would be very grateful for any donations, either via the Just Giving page or by text.

You can help by texting DISN70 with the amount you wish to donate to 70070.

You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. i.e. DISN70 £5
You can add Gift Aid at no extra cost. Thank you

Or please donate here:

Please help today and share this post with friends and family

Thank you so much.

Disney – latest news for his supporters

A very big “thank you” to everyone who has contacted us about Disney and contributed to his vet fees.

Good news- Disney is much, much better AND he has got his forever home with the best possible person – the one who has been looking after him all this time and nursing him.

We went up to Glasgow and saw the specialist and Disney first went on to treatment to deal with all the bacteria and crusting that had built up.  Then we went back again and he had biopsies and skin tests done.  For this he had to be knocked out and ended up looking like a pincushion  with stitches.  All this and Disney never once complained, he was good as gold.  However, when a special diet was prescribed, along with more medication, that’s where he drew the line.  No way would he eat that rubbish!

He didn’t mind the tablets, however, and his skin was now improving by leaps and bounds.  So we are now reducing the medication and watching to see how he copes.  After all the tests we still don’t know the cause of the problem.  It could be a food allergy but Disney wasn’t going to play ball there. 

We shall need another trip to Glasgow but at present Disney is doing very well, which is what matters.

So many, many thanks to everyone from us and Disney.