Success Stories

Each year, we rehome over 200 cats and kittens. Here are some of those who have been happily homed!

 WALTER, 5 years old - adopted September 2020
"It's a year since Walter came to live with us - and a what a wonderful year it's been! We have loved him being a part of our family".

 MR DARCY, 2 years old - adopted February 2021
"Gosh, he is amazing! He is divine. Each and every day my love for this squiggly snugglebum grows."

SPROUT, 1 year old - adopted February 2021
"Sprout is very happy and it is really lovely having her live with us. Everyone is very surprised by how friendly she is. Thank you again for placing her with us."

 RUBIS, 13 years old - adopted April 2021
"He loves sitting on a lap or lying in the sunshine. He also plays quite a lot which is lovely to see."

 TINTIN & SNOWY, 16 months old - adopted May 2021
"Thank you so much for letting us adopt TinTin and Snowy. They are just wonderful."

PEARL, 5 months old - adopted June 2021
"She is lovely! Sweet, loving, playful, fun and very pretty!"