Success Stories

In May 2020 we were able to resume rehoming via a new Hands Free Homing service. Since then, hundreds of cats and kittens have found loving new homes. Here are some of those who have been happily homed!


Dennis really struggled with cattery life. When he came into our care he was frightened and upset at the change to his circumstances. Sadly this got progressively worse over the weeks and Dennis became more and more withdrawn. He would hide away in his bed and toilet inappropriately. He was so stressed that he began to show aggressive behaviour to communicate his worries. Our team built a specific behaviour plan to help Dennis cope and adjust. Whilst this did improve things, he still wasn't a happy bunny. We just needed someone to take a leap of faith and get Dennis back into a loving, safe home environment. Thankfully we found an amazing owner who was willing to give Dennis his second chance. Within 24 hours of being in his new home, Dennis was no longer hiding and in fact was having head bumps, kisses and purrs. He was actively asking for affection. It just shows that a little bit of love and patience goes a long way. Some cats just aren't that outgoing until someone takes them in!

Rocky was a little superstar who had had a really tough time. He came into care because his owners were moving house and couldn't have pets at the new property. When Rocky came to us, he was suffering with very sore eyes which his owners had not been able to treat. This poor boy was in a lot of discomfort and understandably did not want anyone touching his face. Our team at Evesham worked hard with Rocky to make him less fearful of having his face touched and, after months of hard work, we are pleased and proud to report that he is now happy and his eyes are so much better! Rocky is a companion in every sense of the word and will follow you around like your little shadow. He craves company and lots and lots of fuss. Luckily he found a forever family who can shower him with all the love he can handle. Rocky has setlled in really well to his new home and is living a very happy, healthy life!