A main aspect of our work consists of trapping and neutering feral cats, in an effort to reduce the cat population and hence the number of unwanted cats. This work is extremely important, not least because feral cats frequently carry illnesses such as feline leukemia and FIV, both viral infections that spread more readily within unneutered populations where such viruses spread as a result of injury following territorial spats.

We generally have cats available for rehoming, so if you are looking for a furry new family member please keep an eye on our adoption page and of course feel free to contact us to inquire about the cats currently awaiting adoption. Our adoption fee (£60 for an adult cat and £70 for a kitten) includes a full health check, inoculation, flea and worm treatment, microchipping, four weeks' free Pet Plan insurance and, if applicable, neutering. As you can imagine, the adoption fee does not cover these costs by any means, so additional donations when adopting a cat from us are always very much appreciated.

The branch is always in need of volunteers, fundraising initiatives, donations and assistance with our various events - click here for more information on how you can help. Every little helps so our big thanks go out for anything you can do to lend us a hand!