Past Events

November 2012: Stubbington Christmas Fayre

On November of this year our branch attended the Stubbington Christmas Fayre, where we sold Cats Protection merchandise and crafts, handed out leaflets and generally got in the spirit. One of the stallholders - Lisa Coles won the Guess the Weight of the Cake, which was made by Di, one of our volunteers. Congratulations to you, Lisa!

November 2012: Cat Walk

Despite heavy rain throughout the previous night five intrepid walkers set off from Droxford Church Car Park for the four and a half-long mile walk stopping half way round at The White Lion in Soberton. Five others declined the walk but turned up in the pub to give the walkers their support. To date £247 has been collected or pledged and we are hopeful that more is to come - thanks to everyone who participated!

September 2012: Stubbington Table Top Sale

A brilliant day was had by all concerned when the branch held our very own table top sale in Stubbington in early September; Cats Protection merchandise was on offer alongside bric a brac and assorted crafts. £527.12 was raised on the day, which is an excellent result and a credit to those who helped make the day such a success - below are some pictures from the event!

June 2012: Portchester Gala

For the second year running Porchester Gala suffered from the weather, though at least this year it was merely gales, not gales and rain! Gazebos were blowing down everywhere on the site, but we managed to keep our gazebo up using ground pegs and ropes attached to cars. The sales stock had to be kept in boxes, which also had to be tied down to the table, lest everything were to blow away.

Mostly despite the weather, our ginger tomcat was a great success of the day, entertaining children and adults alike. Many a picture was taken of Ginger cuddling up to visiting children, a policeman and even the mayor, Fareham Counsellor Dennis Steadman himself! Less fond of Ginger were some of the smaller dogs in attendance - one in particular was very agitated and barked continuously in self-defence. The bigger dogs just came up and made friends with our Ginger.

The weather certainly could have been kinder to us, however the intrepid team at Fareham and Waterlooville Cats Protection nevertheless braved everything the elements had to throw at them (and throw it did!) and turned a potential disaster into an overall success by the determination of their good and reliable supportive team work.

Naturally plenty of pictures were taken at the Gala - just take a look at the image gallery below!

May 2012: Sponsored Walk

We organised a sponsored cat walk for the 27th May to raise money for our cats in need. This was a circular walk starting in Bishops Waltham via the Hampshire Bowman pub. The event was declared a fun event by those who attended and raised a bit of money for the kitty (and kitties!).

November 2011: Guy Fawkes Day

In the image gallery below are some of the children face-painted at Lockwood on November 5th 2011 - as you can see, an artistic success!