Happy endings

This is where we submit happy stories of lost cats being reunited with their owners! If you have such a tale that you want us to feature, please get in touch with the story and a photo if you've got one!


happy_endings_rosie This Maine Coon beauty went missing after staying with her current owners for a mere couple of days, and they were as one might understand frantic with worry that she had got herself lost or worse. No one was thus more surprised or delighted than them when she appeared in the garden a full six days later, scruffy and famished but otherwise unhurt. Incredibly, she appears to have grown brave through her adventures as she disappeared a shy scaredy-cat, and came back emboldened and purring one to the dozen.
There's no place like home, ey Rosie!


ellie Ellie is a grey beauty who recently managed to frighten the wits out of her adoptive family, when she escaped from her new home shortly after being adopted and moved from Dorset to Fareham. She was thankfully only away for a couple of days before a neighbourhood search tempted her to come home - she simply sauntered into the kitchen as if nothing had happened. Suffice it to say, her new owners feel lucky indeed to have her return to them, rather than attempting to walk back to Poole!


rowlie This 16-month-old youngster went missing from his home in Portsmouth on 12th September, causing a great deal of worry for his owner Kate! A full eight days later Kate received a phonecall from a lady a couple of miles away who had seen Rowley hanging around her garden; it seems that he may have crossed a train track in the area and lost his way. He was soon returned home safe, sound and in one peace - another happy ending!


Jubie, of Adoption Tales fame, went missing only a couple of weeks after being adopted by Lauren, one of our volunteers. Jubie and Georgie are two ten-year-old brothers who have lived together all their lives, and naturally both human and kitty family members were distraught at Jubie's disappearance.

jubie_returnedHappily, however, the little rascal has now returned home! In Lauren's own words, he was gone "exactly two weeks! Went on a Friday and came back on a Friday. Got up in the morning and he was sat in the conservatory, waiting for breakfast. I didn't give an address in the ad I put in The News, so must be a coincidence that he appeared the following morning. A very happy coincidence and he has settled right back in as though he'd never been away. Perhaps he has been a drifter in a former life. What a scamp!"

Pippi Longstocking

pippi_came_home This seven-year-old lady went missing for well over a week, causing no end of worry to her human companions! It is thought that she may have been locked in a shed or garage, as she finally returned at gone 10pm on the eighth night - hungry and dusty she was nevertheless left unhurt by her ordeal, and we're sure delighted to be home at last. All in all a very happy ending!


sylvester_found_cat Little Sylvester, who went missing early this year to the great worry of his human loved ones, was happily found a few months later - scarred and quite a bit lighter but otherwise unbowed, he will be loving all the fuss and attention he's sure to have received upon his return! His owner suspects based on his scar that he may have been tangled up in barbed wire but fortunately managed to escape and is now doing just fine.


Millicent, a beautiful five-month old Siamese, was reported missing from her home in Belfry Walk in February and was found not long after, to the delight of her owner. She is now doing wonderfully and is hopefully sticking closer to home from now on!