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07 June 2014

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to introduce to you Bella Bellissima!
Bella was rehomed from our Ferndown Centre in 2012 and has since been having a great time living in her forever home. At 13 years of age Bella is keen to share with you all her adventures and thoughts about life on the outside, and to show you that adopting a senior cat can be just as much fun as a younger model!
Since leaving our Centre Bella has kindly shared her wisdom with us here back at Ferndown, and now we'd like to take the opportunity for you to also enjoy what she has to say.
Here are a couple of extracts from 'Bella's Diary' so far, with regular updates to follow each month.
Keep checking back and follow Bella's diary and see what wise words she has to part!

Diary entry 22nd November 2012

Hallo All You Cats (and Carers)

I have had a rather stressful and peculiar month!

First of all one morning i could not get the old couple out of bed. I nearly panicked i can tell you. They weren't ill or dead. They moved and muttered when i touched them. They said something about having an extra hour. What extra hour? My stomach said "Breakfast". With a lot of moaning from them, i got them up. And it was like it for about a week. Now we are back to normal, although it is slightly lighter in the mornings.
Next thing that happened, she went nuts one night. She giggled and had lots of children call. If you can call them children, they looked like demons and witches. I told her not to be frightened but she gave them sweets and had a witches hat on and called me "her familiar", what nonsense!
I went up to bed and let her get on with it. It was only one night, but then i could hear World War 3. They took no notice. Actually he went out to look at the "rockets". "Take cover" i told them. It went on for a long while but she came into her own. she opened the other bedroom door (where i am not really allowed) and i crawled between the mattresses. She shut the windows but i could still hear it. Afterwards, she stroked me and told me it would soon be over and she loved me. I purred for her. Him, he was still watching the war, i don't know humans are very strange.

Love to you all. Hope you get a "forever home" soon.
Lots of love,
Bella Bellisima.

Diary entry 18th April 2013

Hallo Ferndown,

Its me Bella Bellissima. It seems a long time since i wrote to you. I spend my days sleeping on their bed and venture out when the sun is shining only. This proves that cats are more intelligent than humans.
But after Easter (they had visitors and i hid upstairs till they went) i had a bad scare. He put me out and usually it is ok but another cat was in my garden and i ran off. I heard him calling and searching with a big light. I kept quiet and hidden. Then she came out in her slippers and searched out the front. I was under a car. She saw me and did an odd thing. She sat on the pavement, shining the torch and started to play with the light. I couldn't resist and started to chase the light. Then she grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and held me close. Stupid woman was crying. I purred, told her to get off the floor and lets go in for warmth and cuddles. She obeyed and gave me extra food and she had a G and T, whatever that is.
I must tell you, kittens, humans are not too keen when you climb up their sofas and curtains with your claws out. Don't they know at my age, i sometimes find it difficult to make a clean jump and use "my crampons" (she calls them that) to help me.
Humans! You must impose your will at an early time in your relationship. Let them think they have the upper hand.

Bye for now.

Diary entry 22nd July 2014

Hallo Ferndown,

 I am exhausted and feeling my age.  It is all their fault as I have to supervise everything.

 First they altered the bathroom.  That was o.k.  Then a new loo was put in downstairs.  I had to keep an eye on the plumber.  He actually brought his dog.  I soon got the measure of her.  A nervous collie pup.  She did as she was told.  They got very stressed poor dears.  Then the worst, she insisted on having a new carpet.  What an upheaval.  I hid when they packed everything up. It has taken its toll on him, I can tell you.  But I did all the supervising and now spend my days in the shade in the garden.  The stupid woman goes out and digs and weeds.  He reads his paper and mutters.

 Also we have an intruder.  A handsome tabby tom comes to call.  He is after the birds of course.  She goes out and shoos him away.  I only have to go and growl at him but she has to come out too.  "I'll protect you Bella" she says.  I can look after myself.  I won't have any cat on my patch even if he thinks he is the Brad Pitt of cats.

 I love being on facebook and will try and organise her for a picture signing session.


Bye for now.

 Bella Bellissima.

Diary entry 19th August 2014


Hallo Ferndown,
When I came to this home to help them look after me at 11 years of age, she told me I was chosen for my wisdom and patience.  I go along with that.  But my patience has been really tried lately - with him.  I  have been here two years now, trouble free, giving them my undivided attention  but find myself in disgrace with him.  She keeps laughing and says it is his own fault, which it is.
During the hot weather I found the coolest place to sleep was at the top of the stairs. I stretched out in a down draught.  She, dear soul, struggled past me but HE tried to move me.  When that didn't work he tickled my tummy.  I hate that and caught his hand.  He kept on doing it.
"I am not a dog.  Stupid creatures go into ecstasy if you tickle their tummies.  I do not". I told him very strongly.
In the end I caught his hand and dug my claws in, 
"Ouch , ouch.  You hurt me Bella." 
"Told you to leave her alone" She kept on laughing.
He doesn't do it any more.  She keeps laughing at him.  You think he had been mortally wounded.  We are not really speaking.  He has an injured child look.  Her and me, girls together.  We get on fine.
"I'm pleased we chose an old girl like me." She says. 
"Less of the old" I purr.
When you have had enough, fellow felines, put them in their place.
Love heaps,
Bella Bellissima


Diary entry October 2014

Hallo Ferndown,

I am keeping my head down and hiding for many reasons.

She has been twittering on about a message received on her mobile from the Vet (to be avoided kittens, the vet, I mean) saying I was due a worm pill.  Why don't they mind their own business!  I don't want a worm pill. 
She told the old boy he would have to hold me.  She'd scratch me, he moaned.  Too right I would.  Wrap her in a towel she said. WHAT???  Catch me first! 

Then she has been buying weird things for weird children who'll come knocking next week.  She grabs me, calls me her "familiar".  Oh, get a life, woman.  I will hide again.
It has all made me sick, literally.  I have been sick 3 times on the bed.  She was not a happy girl .I am now fed very small meals but 5 times a day and threatened with That Vet again.  I haven't been sick since.  She is "waiting to see" She has put bed covers on the bed.  I think I must avoid them and sleep on the places they don't cover.  I do my best.

Life is hard for me just now.  The weather is not good for hiding in the garden. 
Do you know what he did?  Put me out in the rain to poo! She got me in saying I could poo in the dirt tray.  She is o.k sometimes,  I suppose.

Love to you all,

Bella Bellissima..

Diary entry November 2014

Hallo Ferndown,

You know that old saying "you can't teach an old human new tricks" well I have.  It has taken some time but at last he got the message.


I come down at 8pm for warmth and a cuddle,  I sit in front of him, pat him with my paw, go to the patio doors and when he gets up to let me out, I run and jump on his warm place.  He comes back and sits on the cold seat.  I purr,  he strokes me,  I tell him he is a "good boy". 

She twigged it first.  "She only wants your warm seat.  She has no intention of going out"  Who is "she", the cat's mother?  Now after many months, he just moves over. So remember the 3 Ps,  Patience, perseverance and praise in that order.


She is getting all stressed over Christmas  It is just another day to me.  I have to watch him,  sit by him, purr, tell him I love him to bits,  so never mind about her, just let her get on with it. He really appreciates that.  Poor old thing!


Hope all the black cats get new homes for Christmas.  Silly humans why are they so reluctant to take  black cats.  She tells me my black coat is like polished ebony and I am so intelligent and caring.  True. I am actually black and white but why does it matter?


Love Bella Bellisima.