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Can you help Oscar this Christmas time - Surgery appeal

18 December 2020

We are looking to raise £250 to help Oscar.

Poor Oscar came into our care with very sore itchy skin for which he is currently receiving treatment, but in addition to this our vets have advised he has a condition called ‘Entropian’, a condition where the eyelid turns inwards which can cause redness, irritation and pain, as well as light sensitivity, uncomfortable discharge, and at times damage to the corneal itself.

There is surgery available to correct this which involves a vet rolling the eyelid outward to its normal position by removing a piece of skin and setting the eyelid to the correct position. The approximate cost for this treatment alone is £250 and we would like to ask for your help in funding Oscar’s treatment and helping him on his road to recovery.

Despite having come to us in such discomfort Oscar is such a sweet boy, aged 12years old, who can be very chatty and loves company.

If you would like to make a donation towards Oscar’s treatment, we would ask that you please click here.

Thank you on behalf of Oscar and all the team at the Ferndown Homing Centre.

** UPDATE**   21/12/20: Thank you so much to all who have donated - we are thrilled to have now reached our goal!!  If you would still like to donate towards the cost of Oscar's care, any donations received in excess of our target, would of course still be gratefully received as he still has a way to go treatment wise!   Thank you so much again from Oscar and all the team at the Ferndown Homing Centre.