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Meet the Sunday Team

30 April 2020

👋 Meet the Sunday Team 👋

Since the start of the lockdown, we have made changes to the way we are working. Not only has the homing of cats been put on hold, we have made changes to how our team is working to keep them safe. We now only have 2-3 people in a day. Ensuring all the cats are fed, watered and have a good play.

This is Gillian & Stef who are now working on a Sunday, not only do they ensure the core animal needs are looked after but they also get to spend time with the cats and ensure they get some much needed stimulation.

Help us be #HereForTheCats for now and for always. Please donate now so we can continue to care for cats in these challenging times. https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/FerndownHomingCentre