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Sad update regarding Penny

22 July 2020

Update following our Plea4Penny campaign:

Following Penny’s recent surgery (a total ear canal ablation) we have a very sad update to share with you. During Penny’s procedure, the vets found that internally things were not as they should be and it became a much more complicated operation. Penny’s condition needed further investigations which would not have been possible or anticipated prior to surgery.   These investigations uncovered that sadly Penny had a malignant form of cancer in the ear, a cancer which would continue to cause her great pain with no chance of improvement or quality of life.

This left us unexpectedly having to make the sad decision to say goodbye to Penny, letting her go peacefully to sleep. Everyone here at Ferndown HC is heartbroken at her loss.   She was a lovely cat and we are so sad that despite everyone's best efforts we weren't able to turn things around for her, but we take comfort in knowing we did everything we could, gave her lots of love, care and attention throughout her time with us, and were able to give her a more peaceful path than the cancer had in store for her.

We recently asked for your help with our efforts to help Penny, and would like to thank everyone who put their hands in their pockets during what we know are extremely difficult times. This was an expensive procedure and these funds allowed us to help Penny as best we could, but we are aware this was not the outcome you imagined when you pledged, so we would like anyone who would like a refund of their donation to the Just Giving page to please get in touch with the centre via ferndown@cats.org.uk

We thank you in advance for your understanding during these difficult times, and we wholeheartedly wish we had a much happier ending to Penny’s story.  

With best wishes from all at Ferndown HC.