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Thank you for helping to feed our family of thousands this Christmas

From handfeeding the tiniest kittens to satisfying the biggest appetites, any gift you give today could help to fill thousands of tummies this Christmas.

You could help feed a hungry mum like Sapphire with a special, on-demand diet so that she has the energy to feed her kittens, yum!

You could satisfy the hunger of a poorly cat like Patch by serving up regular bowls of nutritious food, to help nurse him back to his health!

Sapphire and Patch are just two of the thousands of tummies you could help to fill this Christmas. Please give what you can by hitting the 'Fill tummies' button. Thank you!

It’s because of caring supporters like you that we are able to look after all the vulnerable and abandoned cats and kittens in our care. Thank you so much for choosing to play your part in the Festive Feed. Any gift you kindly give today could help fill hungry tummies of every age and size this Christmas.

Monthly gift


One-off gift