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A lucky story is a lesson to us all

15 September 2015
Everyone is busy and it is easy to miss simple but valuable things in daily life. A man, a woman and a cat named Zephyr reminded us of the importance of such small things when we heard their story.

The daughter of a gentleman contacted us about a stray cat her father had been feeding for the past two years. The man had gone into hospital and there was noone to look after the cat, so it was brought to us.

Upon admission at the National Cat Adoption Centre, we found that the cat had a microchip. When checking the records it showed that the cat had been registered as missing.

We contacted the owner and they called us back thrilled that we had found Zephyr. She had moved to the area two years ago and despite her best efforts of keeping him in to settle into his new surroundings, Zephyr had managed to open a window himself and get out.

The woman said that she hadn’t seen him since and was overwhelmed that Zephyr had been found safe and well. She can’t wait to collect him and be reunited.

Zephyr was in very good health and he had been looked after really well by the gentleman, but this is another case of the worth of getting your cat microchipped.

We are sure after two years, Zephyr's owner was not expecting to  see him again. But, as she had remembered to update her new details, a happy reunion has been possible, thanks to the information on the microchip.

If your cat goes missing, it is still worth updating your microchip details, even if time goes by and you have given up all hope.

As Zephyr's case has taught us, never give up hope. You could be the owner who gets that call months or even years later. But only if your details are up to date.