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Better days ahead for brave Hazel

15 September 2015
Better days ahead for brave Hazel Hazel is a brave little cat who has pulled through some bad times and can now look forward to a future in her new home. Without support from public and the dedicated team at the National Cat Adoption Centre, none of this would have been possible.

When Hazel came to the NCAC in June 2015 she was treated in our isolation ward for a bad case of ringworm. To make matters worse, she  had a severe skin disease caused by allergies.

This skin disease got worse, to the point where she had lost all her fur down to  bare skin, which had become broken, sore and very red. She was permanently scratching at herself due to the irritation and had to wear a head collar to stop her from rubbing her face raw.

This was heartbreaking for the team looking after Hazel, who had to witness her discomfort.

Once her treatment for  ringworm was successful and all tests proved negative, Hazel was able to move to our arrival wings and undergo intensive treatment for her skin disease. Almost overnight we saw improvements to her skin.

The redness started to subside, the sore area dried up and we were thrilled to see that Hazel was much more comfortable and less irritated. Over time her fur even started to grow back.

After a few weeks she was  declared fit to be homed and, incredibly, just a few days later she was reserved and is waiting to go home to her new family.

This is another success story for one of our darling little cats and all due to the love, dedication and care of the team at the NCAC.

Plus, of course, our supporters who help cats like Hazel with their kind donations to the charity, enabling this work to continue.