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13 September 2012

Do you want to help us help cat after cat?

We are looking for dedicated fosterers to join our team, and are appealing for anyone who has a space in their house for one of our cats until a suitable home can be found.

We need people with no pets of their own - maybe you would love a cat of your own but don’t want the expense, or perhaps have to go away sometimes so having your own cat wouldn’t be practical? Or maybe you just like the idea of helping cat after cat.

We will provide the food, litter and any out of pocket expenses and all equipment needed is supplied by us. What you will provide is your time and plenty of love.

It is essential that you are home at least part of every day and you would need to live in the Folkestone, Hythe or close surrounding areas so that it would be practical to take the cats to the vet when necessary.

Your own transport would also be essential although all fuel costs will be covered. This job can be demanding, tiring, at times emotional and should not be taken on by the faint hearted, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

Please phone 0345 260 1253 and ask that the fostering officer contact you - please leave a contact number we can call you on if you would like more information about fostering cats that are waiting to go to a permanent home.

We will be happy to visit you and have a chat to explain in more detail and don't worry, an enquiry does not mean you have committed yourself.